Aftermath of Karachi attack and violence - by Wazir Ali Shah

An economic and sectarian attack was made on the main Ashura procession in the financial capital of Pakistan despite deployment of tens of thousands of police and paramilitary personnel.

Though a possible attack on the Ashura procession was feared, the sudden outbreak of violence after the incident surprised many as within moments thousands of shops and other property were set ablaze. The media projected surprising views of people and witnesses about the burning of shops. Controversial CCTV footage with clear and visible face of robbers and brutal people further strengthens the fearless looting and robbery in the city.

Long term social and economical impact on the common man is worsen and not so easily recoverable. Major versatile markets of medicine, paper and clothes were set on fire and consequently thousands of people associated with this business became unemployed.

Government and other business organizations /associations have promised to compensate the damage but it seems not easily manageable as justification/estimation is to be carried out by government.

In Pakistan for the common man survival for the day has become a matter of concern and being at the mercy of so-delayed system for so long period would make it more harsh for the sufferers and the affected families are a challenge for the government.

Damage of these markets will leave an impact on almost every household due to demand/supply gap of these commodities. Shortage will drive demand and consequently inflation rate will go high. Being the financial capital and backbone of Pakistan, Karachi is the leading revenue generating city and current destruction will cause less revenue collection.

The government should keep close eye on such elements in future because it was the type of extreme violence which was supposed to be used to divide the nation.

Wazir Ali Shah

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  1. At least I am not agreeing that this was a sectarian attack, this was 100% economic attack but who planed it, it’s clear that no Pakistani can do this. Its very astonishing that our great leaders ignoring the Black Water, RAW, RAMA, Musad…… while they are real enemy of Pakistan and Islam. The shine of Dollars has bleared their eyes….. they don’t see these enemies at the back of Dollar…….

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