» » PIA raises fares of Chitral flights قومی ایئر لائن نے چترال کے کرایوں میں اضافہ کردیا

PESHAWAR (Online: National Airline(PIA) has raised one thousand rupees fare for domestic flight from Peshawar to Chitral.

Passengers protested against the sudden hike of fares from Peshawar to Chitral and they preferred to travel by road rather by air. Resultantly, low turnout of the passengers have been recorded during flights to Chitral.

According to the circular issued by PIA, one sided fare of every ticket fixed to Rs. 4330 whereas it was Rs. 2380 in the past and fifteen days earlier it was triggered up to Rs. 3840.

PIA administration raised fares of Gilgit and other areas alongwith Chitral, source said.

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