JI demands action over killing of child in Chitral

PESHAWAR - Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and administration of the Hadeqatul Uloom demanded of the government to take notice of the brutal killing of a child and burning of a bridge in district Chitral, and award exemplary punishment to the responsible.

Addressing a news conference on Monday here at Peshawar Press Club, JI, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa leader Abdul Akbar Chitrali said that a five-year-old child Fidaur Rahman was mercilessly slaughtered in Maroi area of district Chitral on August 24. The incident was first of the nature, he said. He said a link bridge over Chitral River, between Maroi and Pariat areas, was burnt a few days earlier. 

Flanked by JI, district chapter, Ameer Bahrullah, and Secretary Information Jamaat Ali Shah, JI former MNA Abdul Akbar criticised the district administration and the law enforcing agencies to stop such heinous and inhuman acts in the peaceful Chitral district. It shows that the district administration and district police were completely failed to provide security to the lives and properties of the masses, he maintained. 
Maulana Chitrali demanded of the government to immediately remove the incompetent District Coordination Officer (DCO) and District Police Officer (DPO) Chitral forthwith and bring new punctual and competent officers to the district, otherwise, they showed apprehensions that situation would be further aggravated. The JI leaders also urged the government to take serious this matter by arresting the responsible and award them exemplary punishment.
Meanwhile, to give a new courage and a message of hope to youths, Shahbab-e-Milli, district Peshawar, on Monday announced to organise a Youth Convention in September this year.
This time the Pakistani youth is in a state of disappointments and deprivation, as hundreds of thousands of educated, and skilled youth were facing the problem of job, Rizwan Saraf, Secretary Information of the party said while addressing a news conference on Monday here at press club. 
He added that the youth were anxious about their future, as the country is facing serious problems like the law and order situation, economic instability, unabated load-shedding problem, and rampant corruption. In these situations, he claimed that the Shabab-i-Milli convention will prove a ray of hop for the youth. 
“We believe that the positive change across the world have been brought by the youth, he said adding fresh examples are of that peaceful revolutions in Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya. 
These revolutions and change in the globe, he said is a hope for the youth and omen a bright future.
The Shaba-e-Milli leaders declared the incumbent ANP and its allies for all the problems including power crisis, law and order situation and economic instability. They were of the view that if the rulers in the existing set-up were honest and dedicated with the nation and country, the masses might not confront such grim situation.
The Youth Convention would be held at the Wazir Bagh Football ground on September 7, in which thousands of youth will participate, Saraf informed. He said that this convention would bring a positive change to motivate the masses to elect honest leadership in the upcoming general election. He also said that besides others JI central ameer Syed Munawar Hassan would be address the convention.  

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