Build Home Expo Exhibition commences at Karachi Expo Centre

KARACHI - The Build Home Expo Exhibition featuring about 60 top builders and developers from all over Pakistan commenced at Karachi Expo Centre on Saturday.

The three-day exhibition will highlight the potential of investing in the fast-growing building and construction sector in Pakistan. Around 60 top builders of the country are participating in the exhibition with their unique projects like Gulberg Greens Project while companies associated with the construction industry and financial institutions are also participating in the exhibition.

Zubair Motiwala, Chairman BMG & former president KCCI, inaugurated the exhibition. “Karachi is the biggest city of the country and has the biggest contribution to the national economy but this city is being victimized which is very unfortunate,” said Zubair in his speech.

He made a request to the policy makers that they should not neglect Karachi and that discrimination with Karachi should end now as the promises made by the government have not been materialized yet. “Why Karachi do not get share in government-run projects,” asked Zubair. Shujatullah Secretary - Intelligence Bureau Cooperative Housing Society (IBCHS), said that they invite builders and investors to big projects in Punjab like Gulbreg project in Islamabad.

“We have been witnessing a new trend for apartments in Islamabad so this is a good opportunity for investors and builders from Karachi to invest there,” said Shujatullah. He added that real estate survived the impact of the pandemic and is one of the three sectors that did not get much affected from the pandemic, which shows the value of this sector is not going to be reduced in the near future. President Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industries (KCCI) Idrees Memon lauded the exhibition and said Build Home Expo 2021 is the biggest event in the construction industry since the lockdown and contraction of the national economy. “Build Home Expo 2021 which will play a key role in freeing Pakistan’s economy from the effects of the pandemic and strengthening the economic recovery process initiated by the government,” said Idrees.

Chairman ABAD Mohsin Sheikhani said that construction industry is the mother industry with around 60 allied industries and it attracts foreign investment.

“The government should review its policies and it should provide a conducive environment to the investors of this construction industry,” said Mohsin.

He added that Karachi has been victimized at the time when good policies are being practiced in Lahore and Islamabad (like digitalization) so we demand equal treatment to Karachi and that same policies should be exercised and meant for every city of the country.

CEO RJ Greens Private Ltd. Imran said that the concessions given by the federal government to the construction industry are giving a huge push to the construction activities in the country.

He added that the scope of housing projects is now expanding from big cities to small towns while modern housing projects are also being introduced in the federal capital.

Managing Director Badar Expo Solutions Zohair Naseer said: “The exhibition will be a means of information for the citizens about the possibilities of investing in residential and commercial projects as well as new trends in Pakistan’s construction industry”.

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