REDC Launches New Programme on Organisational Transformation for Powering Innovation and Growth

REDC Launches New Programme on Organisational Transformation for Powering Innovation and Growth

The Rausing Executive Development Centre (REDC) at LUMS has launched a flagship programme on Organisational Transformation for Powering Innovation and Growth, adding to its expanding portfolio of Strategy and Innovation for senior executives.

Developed by Dr. Adeel Zaffar and Dr. Alnoor Bhimani, the programme focuses on the capabilities required to compete in a rapidly transforming business scape, understand digitalisation opportunities and challenges, and launch new strategies enabling them to transform scale and operational efficiencies.  

Adopting a hands-on approach to learning, the programme featured local brands and industry leaders who have achieved hugely successful transformation and domination of their markets.  

Mujtaba Hussain, CFO International Steel Ltd, shared his feedback and noted, “This programme helped me to think differently about organisational transformation, the need for digitisation and promoting growth.”

Says Suleyman Shafi Batla, Director Ana & Batla Industries.  

“This programme is an eye-opener,” 
“The quality of material and mentoring of all participants with multiple case studies for enhancing the thinking style about diversity, innovation and growth with 100% involvement was outstanding. Everyone was participatory and all credit goes to the faculty for that.”

The three-day residential programme encompassed the fundamental business practices, technological advances and digital approaches that are changing business models across industries in an evolving world. It aims to equip participants with the clearest lens through which to make strategic decisions that ensures not just organisational survival but powers growth.

Faculty members introduced participants to an array of skills on how to sponsor pockets of innovation within the organisation to achieve competitive differentiation and mobilise change that creates value for customers while leaving the competition behind. 

Zara Hussain, Director Strategy GroupM, says, “The programme has been very revealing and led me to reflect on organisational issues from a completely new perspective. I hope to make others within the organisation see it too.”

Khalid Usman, CEO Water Regime Pvt. Ltd., also expressed his satisfaction with the programme and shared, “It was eyeopening to start thinking on issues which are usually missed. This programme has everything which an entrepreneur needs to think and cultivate in his organisation.”

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