Bisconni Music Season 2 Brings All Popular Singers together For All Fans

Bisconni Music Season 2 has presented a new mix of music this year. Almost all the popular music artists have made this season a great source of musical entertainment for Pakistanis.

Of you are a music lover and haven’t yet listened to the latest collection of songs of Bisconni Music Season 2 then you are missing a major thing, indeed! This season 2 has recently created a magnificent hype for all music lovers in Pakistan and around the world.

However, Bisconni Music has become the first platform that churns out the original music from budding singers including all popular singers of the country. The platform has created a new wave that launches a melodious mix of songs from a variety of genres including happy, sad, and love songs along with hip-hop, folk-Sufi fusion, etc.

One of the most amazing facts of this season is that top artists like Haroon Shahid, Shuja Haider, Saad Hayat, and Natasha Humera are featured this year.

Music lovers are genuinely excited to have an amazing collection of songs that Bisconni Music has come up with. All the top-performing singers of Pakistan including Aima Baig, Asrar, Raafay, Kashmir, Amanat Ali, Maria Unera, and Asim have been featured this year by Bisconni Music in season 2.

Bisconni Music season 1 featured Ahmed Jahanzeb; Shuja Haider; Natasha Baig; electro-pop duo of Sajid and Zeeshan, the legendary tabla player and Sufi artist of Junoon fame, Ustad Ashiq Ali Chand; Mughal-e-Funk featuring Aizaz Sohail; Haroon Shahid, Ali Khan, Mirage, Saad Hayat, Taha Hussain, Natasha Humera Ejaz, Ali Tarik, Sinnan Fazwani, Nimra Rafiq, and Alycia Dias along with the nine-year-old sensation, Mahnoor Altaf.

Bisconni Music has also curated a team of house-band musicians for Bisconni Music’s first Season. Bisconni Music season 1 also featured five of the leading drummers of the country; Gumby, Ahad Nayani, Kami Paul, Ajay Harri, and Jason Anthony along with the father-son duo of Russel D’Souza and Bradley D’Souza on bass and lead guitar, Shane Kerr on Bass, Mohsin Raza Shah on lead and rhythm guitars, and Saad Hayat on keyboards.

Moreover, among other platforms such as Coke Studio and Velo Sound Station, Bisconni Music stands out because of the freshness and the trill it has created. The catchy lyrics and emotions in the song have depicted the in-depth feelings that have made fans go crazy for it.

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