Economic policies: Frequent changes never promotes trade & industry: Iftikhar Ali Mailk

LAHORE: Business leader of Pakstan & president SAARC chamber Iftikhar Ali Mailk stated that frequent changes in economic polices never promotes trade and industry. Malik said, “A country can only pay off their debits by promoting trade, industry & exports. Taking loans to pay off loan will never work for economic stability.”

He added that prices of utilities are already out of the reach of a common person which is increasing misery of a common person it has become difficult to feed his family respectfully this must changed and kitchen items must be available at reachable prices.

He was concerned on the huge figure of foreign debit about 127 billions dollars by Pakistan. He stated we in private sector really do not have much details and terms of these loans but at the same time private sector is never consulted.

People of Pakistan do not know the details of loans and its pay off plans. Pakistan is a strong country full of resources but lacking proper utilisation.

Pakistan must control its huge import bill and reduce deficit between imports and exports. Pakistan must control and stop all luxury items such as foreign clothes juices chocolates, shampoo Chandeliers most expensive luxury cars and all those items without which life never stops. Increase in taxation sector is going to disturb the economic peace and industrialisation will stop causing employment problems.

He added strongly that government must change the present scenario. I request Prime Minster Excellency Imran Khan to take private sector in confidence to change this situation. Malik strongly suggesting to the Prime Minster that the private sector must be included on all national committees of economic importance.

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