First Pakistani Company to launch Menstrual First Aid Box with Paid Period Leaves

For the first time ever,, a Pakistani Edtech has created history by launching a Menstrual First-Aid Box, in addition to 12 annual paid period leaves for its female employees.

First Pakistani Company to launch Menstrual First Aid Box with Paid Period Leaves, a company with an almost 50-50 gender ratio, has introduced a period-supportive initiative called Bliss Up. They are providing a Menstrual First Aid Box, aka the Bliss Box, along with twelve paid period leaves (Bliss Leaves) and four mental health leaves; setting a pioneering example for the global corporate world. The Bliss Box comprises an unending supply of sanitary napkins, inner wear, hot/cold packs and basic pain-killer medicine.

This initiative was led by Ms. Namra Nasyr, Creative Director at Nearpeer. According to her, it is unfortunate how women have to pretend to be healthy and functional during their debilitating period cramps, and never speak about it. Moreover, the need to find emergency supplies on premises is often embarrassingly inconvenient, and costs the women an entire ‘pack’ of healthcare products, which led to the need to get the Bliss Box installed in the office. In lieu of Bliss Up, Ms. Nasyr held a session on creating a safe space for women to address such issues openly. 

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The cofounder Mr Ammar Ali Ayub stated that, ‘I grew up in a family of working women. I always felt helpless seeing them in pain every month, and yet being compelled to go to work. I feel proud that as a company working for the education, especially of girls, by making it easily accessible and affordable, we’re taking care of our female employees’ needs too. This will be my little contribution towards a more inclusive society.’ Mr Asfandyar Rana, Head of People and Culture endorsed Bliss Up as a great step towards the health, wellbeing and productivity of the female employees. 

It is becoming inevitable to make the workplace more conducive for everyone. The initiative by team will definitely inspire other organizations to reduce stigmas around periods and to normalize period-supportive policies, promoting inclusivity at the workplace.  

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