Iesco CEO vows to eradicate power theft

SLAMABAD: Islamabad Electric Supply Company (Iesco) Chief Executive Dr Muhammad Amjad Khan has said he is committed to eradicate all forms of power theft from the Iesco region and a series of indiscriminate actions is being taken to achieve this goal.

According to the details, in December 2021, 3,664 suspicious electrical connections were caught, 3,597 meters were found slow. Direct supply of electricity was being made from 60 meters, tampered with 4 meters and power was being stolen by drilling holes in 3 meters.

Based on power theft and slow meters, more than 2 million units were charged to the concerned consumers and fines of more than Rs 40 million imposed.

Applications have also been submitted for legal proceeding.

The Iesco CEO requested the consumers to join the company in this national campaign and report the power theft and its supporting elements to the relevant SDO Office, Helpline No 118 or complain on the company’s specific landline number.

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