EasyPaisa launches Pakistan’s first-ever 3D anamorphic display on Islamabad Expressway

EasyPaisa has taken the next step in immersing its customers in its respective services by introducing the first-ever one-of-a-kind anamorphic display. This display gives a sci-fi-like experience that instantly catches your attention on the Islamabad Expressway due to its integrated 3D elements.

The display uses 3D animations, depth & perceptional illusion to create an immersive experience that distorts a viewer’s perception of reality, whereby the content escapes the boundaries of the display and technically ‘pops out’ of the surface, creating an illusion of depth within the space. In order to bridge the physical world with the digital, Oztech has helped Easypaisa execute its vision of implementing new ways to interact with its customers.

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Considering how advanced this technology is, the implementation is very rare and profound for third-world countries. The launch of this display was announced by EasyPaisa via Twitter and had been trending through the hashtag #AllEyesOneasypaisa:

The impact of the launch was so immense that the news of the display quickly caught buzz online as bloggers and influencers rushed to record and share with their followers online. Moreover, an avid graphic designing enthusiast, Umar Khan, from Ukhano vlogs had traveled all the way from Lahore to Islamabad to watch the launch of the display. Umar had even shared his experience with his fans who were also quite astonished to see a unique technological display.

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Easypaisa has always been on a mission to revolutionize the financial landscape of Pakistan and now they are front runners in revolutionizing the branding touchpoints as well. Through the anamorphic display, Easypaisa has introduced a new marketing trend that would soon replace conventional banners and posters.

It is to be noted that these high-end projection displays not only catch attention but also build brand retention. Brands should now take notes on how to break the clutter of content all around us as Easypaisa has surely done a great job in catching eyeballs towards itself.

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