USC’s Ramazan Package 2022: Over 4m families have benefited so far

ISLAMABAD: More than 4 million families have benefited since April 1st from USC’s Ramazan Relief Package. Some sections of the media, has misquoted the fact of increase in the price of sugar at utility stores, which is contrary to the reality. Since the start of Ramazan relief package, there has been no change in the rates.

Moreover the condition for availing subsidy is a valid ID card. The average basket per CNIC consists of 40kg of flour, 5kg of sugar, 5kg of ghee, 2 liters of oil and other subsidized items, this quantity of subsidized items is sufficient for a small family. The aforementioned subsidized items can be bought by every valid CNIC holder and if a customer buys more than these quantities, normal rates will apply. Sugar and ghee rates have not been increased since the first day of the package and these items are being sold at the same rates as at the onset of Ramazan Relief Package.

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